Benefits to clients

Leveraging Cultural Awareness

  • Help established global organizations and domestic start-up, joint venture, entrepreneurial and small businesses optimize communication, connections and collaboration with their culturally-diverse and globally-dispersed colleagues, clients and partners.
  • Overcome cultural differences and misperceptions to leverage business efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Equip managers and staff with new tools and skills to work more effectively on virtual teams
  • Enhance performance, boost negotiations, expand contracts and improve bottom-line profits by instilling cultural competency into your business model

ICA’s Positive Impact on Your ROI

  • Quick identification and resolution of client relations and staff performance through deeper awareness of culture’s impact on your work
  • More effective cross-border communication, relationship building, and business transactions
  • More self-aware, agile and inclusive leaders to boost team morale and effectiveness
  • Higher staff retention through easing relocation transitions into new business and social culture,
  • Increased revenues and new business from satisfied clients and colleagues