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ICA offers a wide range of customized cross-cultural training workshops and consulting services to a broad range of U.S. and international companies, organizations, governmental and academic institutions, in both the public and private sectors. Components of each ICA program may also be combined and tailored to meet your specific needs and boost your organization’s success.  All workshops are available as half-day, one-day or two-day options.

“Everything is alive; everything is interconnected.”

– Cicero


Building Global Virtual Teams

This program helps participants adjust and adapt mindsets and behavior to enhance relationships and realize results within a virtual environment when encountering challenges based upon both cultural and logistical factors. Participants will enhance awareness of their behaviors and expectations and develop skills to communicate more effectively using different means of technology. This program also addresses time zone challenges, leadership considerations, how to effectively build relationships in a virtual environment, and different definitions on what a team means from varying cultural perspectives. Participants will take away strategies to improve operational processes on virtual teams.

Cultural Competency 101

This program is designed for individuals or organizations that are new to the global business arena and are committed to expanding their awareness of other cultures different from their own as a means to enhance their effectiveness and productivity when working with trans-national colleagues, clients, and business associates. The program focuses on cultural dimensions such as, verbal and non-verbal communication, the concept of time, hierarchy, risk, and building harmonious relationships. Self-assessment tools and other interactive activities help build the participants’ skills to successfully navigate the global work environment. Previous clients have found this workshop is ideal for general cross-cultural awareness building across functions for people who are working in both virtual and face-to-face settings.

Cultural Values in the Workplace

This program is designed for organizations within the U.S. that enjoy enormous ethnic, racial, gender and religious diversity within their own ranks. The workshop emphasizes the different values that members of the organization bring to their work and enhances participants’ understanding of their colleagues’ behaviors. Previous clients have found this program to be particularly effective for solidifying teams that are undergoing conflict and for creating more harmonious relationships between staff.

Doing Business Abroad

This highly-tailored training is designed for organizations that may be nationally homogenous internally yet are doing business with, or entering a new market in, another country. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the basic principles of cross-cultural understanding, and then to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the particular country with which they are doing business and its culture. Participants learn how to develop trusting relationships, communicate effectively, design contracts, form partnerships, give presentations, and negotiate with members of the specific country of concern. Previous clients have found this seminar to be extremely useful for business development and sales executives, account managers, and project managers in particular.

Multicultural Teambuilding

This program is designed for internal teams – with members from at least two different national cultures – working together towards a shared goal or common desired outcome. The workshop first educates team members to become aware of their own cultural biases and those of their trans-national counterparts, to learn how their communication and business practices may differ across cultures even when working for the same organization, and to implement concrete tools and strategies for overcoming potential obstacles in working together effectively as a team. It then facilitates a process for leveraging the multiple perspectives that team members from different cultures bring to the challenges or shared goal, enhancing the team’s effectiveness and creativity through non-judgmental and mutual understanding. Previous clients have found this workshop extremely useful for annual meetings, kick-off sessions for new projects, or in response to blockages and breakdowns in a trans-national group working together.

Global Leadership for the 21st Century

Today’s leaders are dealing with ever increasing demands as they manage people virtually across the globe. They therefore need a special set of skills to work effectively with their global workforce to both motivate and support them. This workshop is designed to assist leaders in being more mindful of the ways their leadership style may help or hinder their ability to forge strong relationships, build credibility and inspire and motivate their staff in a global environment. Participants will explore ways to create a more holistic vision encompassing perspectives from their foreign colleagues and staff, establish policies and protocols that will be inclusive of other cultural practices, and enhance awareness of the expectations of a leader in different cultures.

Moving Abroad

This workshop is targeted for individuals and their families who are relocating to the U.S. or overseas for a period of six months to several years. It provides participants with practical skills to help them adjust successfully in their new home in addition to fostering awareness on the cultural values, behaviors and customs of people in their host culture. The workshops focus on building a foundation of culture and its impact on our daily lives, the effects of culture shock, the day-to-day logistics of setting up home in a new culture, what to expect in the new business environment, as well as useful information on communication styles, social practices, and culturally-specific information. Previous clients find that this workshop has helped tremendously in providing concrete strategies to cope with the stressors of moving abroad and the adjustment process once they have arrived.

Returning Home

This workshop is designed for expatriates and their families who are returning to their home country after completing an international assignment. It provides practical information to help cope with reverse culture shock and allows participants to assess their experience overseas and how it may have transformed them. Concrete strategies are provided to assist the returning expat and family members with the re-adjustment process to life at home, both socially and in the business arena. Previous clients have reported that this workshop provided a deeper understanding of the personal changes that occurred during their sojourn overseas and allowed them to have more realistic expectations with regards to the transition home.

Cross-Cultural Orientation for Students

This program is designed to help students going on long or short-term educational and cultural exchanges abroad or to the U.S. be better prepared for their sojourn in their host culture. Students will develop a clear lens for understanding the impact their own culture has on their behaviors and learning style and will examine cultural values inherent to their host culture. Emphasis is on cultural adaptation and overcoming culture shock, a comparison between educational systems at home and in their host culture, and best practices for communication and building relationships with locals. Participants will find this program useful to align their expectations with reality and optimize their sojourn abroad by accelerating the transition to their new culture.

Strategic Consulting

ICA provides strategic consulting on cultural matters to increase productivity within an organization. This may include working with HR professionals to assess the best candidates for overseas assignments to raising awareness on the cultural factors that may impact a global merger and acquisition. ICA’s consulting services consist of one-on-one interviews with staff, focus groups, coaching, observation and research into organizational protocols and practices.

Transforming Unconscious Bias into Inclusive Leadership

Since leaders today are increasingly working across cultural borders, it is critical that they understand the factors that may inhibit them from optimizing their leadership skills. Exploring unconscious biases towards different cultural, racial/ethnic, gender, religious, and generational groups is the first step to recognizing the obstacles that impede engagement, commitment, performance and productivity. This interactive workshop helps participants enhance self-awareness of their frames of reference and how they contribute to biases they hold. They will explore the boundaries they create as a result of these biases and develop strategies to foster trust and empathy to be more successful in their professional and personal interactions.