Our Approach

Intercultural Alliances (ICA) applies a dynamic, conscious, collaborative and laser focus approach in its training programs and consulting philosophy, with emphasis on engaging client’s global workforce, unifying different perspectives, and cultivating a collective vision to address our individual client’s needs.
Our customized and interactive programs, utilizing an approach centered on Conscious Collaboration, encourage you to reach beyond your perspective to create lasting and authentic intercultural interactions to meet your business goals. This approach will strengthen relationships with your international colleagues and clients which result in more effective and cost-efficient processes. Our mission is to provide you with an in-depth solution to the challenges that impede your organization’s success. You will benefit from higher performing global teams, better integration across business units, fewer misunderstandings and less time wasted resolving issues, all of which impact your bottom line.

In today’s fast-paced world of global mergers and acquisitions, virtual teams, expatriation assignments, educational exchanges, and other cross-cultural interactions, ICA can help you become more conscious of hidden cultural factors that impact your work in a global setting. Preparing your global workforce to be culturally competent will lead to a more inclusive, productive, and harmonious work environment. Let us support you in developing a cultural toolbox to improve your organization’s competitive edge across cultural borders, whether you’re in Boston, Bangalore, Beijing or Buenos Aires.

Approach“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


Our Methodology

  • ICA provides an integrative service starting with a comprehensive diagnostic needs assessment, customized design, program delivery, and a two-part evaluation process.
  • ICA optimizes training by tailoring it to unique learning styles. Our workshops offer a variety of experiential learning activities and role plays, audio/visual, critical incidences/case studies, problem-solving techniques, lecture and small group dialogue.
  • ICA employs a model focusing on Conscious Collaboration to guide our clients by:
    • Leveraging alternative perspective-taking
    • Stretching beyond their comfort zone
    • Exploring hidden meanings of messages to find common ground
    • Developing empathy to assimilate other cultural values
    • Creating a balanced and supportive environment
    • Maintaining authenticity and integrity while integrating other culture norms
    • Inspiring trust and growth in a mutually-inclusive partnership
    • Engaging staff and improving their organization’s productivity



Customization is key to the success of all business briefings, whether they are for group programs or individuals. As each cross-cultural program is designed according to the client’s needs, the content will be determined upon completion of an in-depth needs assessment. Some specifics we consider when designing a workshop include:

  • industry
  • client’s corporate or organizational culture and values at headquarters and in subsidiaries
  • background of participants
  • group’s function and responsibilities
  • countries and cultures involved
  • other concerns that the client wishes to address

Additional issues that we identify through the needs assessment process that the client may not be aware of will also be incorporated into each program, when necessary.

Perception is Reality
We don’t understand what we don’t know. Many of our perceptions are shaped by the norms within our culture.