Benefits to Clients

Providing cross-cultural training directly impacts your organization’s  productivity, communications, and bottom line goals.  ICA’s programs help optimize clients’ successful global business and cohesive integration processes in a culturally-diverse environment.  Closing communications gaps brings limitless personal and business benefits and is key to our and your success.

Leverage your Difference image“Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.”

– Jonathan Swift


Leveraging Cultural Awareness

Help established global organizations and domestic start-up, joint venture, entrepreneurial and small businesses account for important social, communication and ethical factors affecting their foreign business investments, growth and longevity.

  • Assess internal cross-cultural competency relative to business plan and goals
  • Improve intercultural awareness and customer communications to better establish trust and advance global business negotiations and sales
  • Overcome cultural differences and misperceptions to leverage business efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Enhance conscious client collaboration leading to more productive negotiations, work outcomes and profits
  • Equip managers and project staff with new tools to work more effectively on virtual teams in an ever-expanding business world
  • Increase revenues through improved management and marketing / sales staff’s cross-cultural competency
  • Enhance performance, boost negotiations, expand contracts and improve bottom-line profits by instilling cultural awareness into your business model
  • Equip expatriates with improved knowledge to more effectively transition and perform abroad by understanding crucial business, communication, and behavioral norms of the client host culture


Common Business Challenges

  • Lack of knowledge on how to build trust across cultures resulting in loss of valuable opportunities and time
  • Conflicting views of scopes of work, business commitments and deadlines
  • Different perceptions of contracts and their purpose
  • Different expectations of team roles, responsibilities and commitment
  • Miscommunication and misinterpretation of messages
  • Insufficient staff responses to client inquiries and needs
  • Reduced staff productivity, motivation and commitment
  • Maintaining qualified staff
  • Frustration and feelings of powerlessness


ICA’s Positive Impact on Your ROI

  • Increased revenues and new business from satisfied clients and colleagues
  • Improved sales through better communications, negotiations and performance with prospective customers
  • Quick identification and resolution of client relation and staff performance through deeper awareness of culture’s impact on your work
  • More effective cross-border communication, relationship building, and business transactions
  • Strong client trust and credibility by bridging cultural differences in social and business contexts
  • Higher staff retention through easing relocation transitions into new business and social culture, including awareness of psychological adjustment phases
  • More engaged, motivated, and well-connected staff in a virtual environment through innovative leadership practices
  • Better use of time by implementing cost-efficient processes designed to work in culturally-diverse and geographically-dispersed environments
  • Higher overall staff motivation, performance and productivity
  • Increased empowerment, engagement and cohesion with global clients and colleagues


ICA’s Competitive Edge

  • We help you develop a culturally savvy organizational brand to enhance your global marketability.
  • We provide a holistic training approach focusing on development of knowledge, skill-building and personal growth.
  • We conduct in-depth needs assessments comprised of questionnaires, one-on-one interviews and/or focus groups to create highly customized workshops.
  • We provide follow up assessments within six months after a program is complete demonstrating our commitment to your organizational growth and development.
  • We offer modular trainings and services allowing you to create a customized package unique to your organization’s specific needs.