“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they sprang.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes


What our clients say…


“Julia did a FANTASTIC job!! So far “word of mouth” is definitely ramping things up…. I would highly recommend making this a mandatory session. It was so well received and very beneficial I think people would appreciate it.”

– R&D Sites and Knowledge Network Manager, Sanofi Pasteur

“Best guest presentation I’ve ever seen at Sodexo.”

  – Director, Brands & Communication, Sodexo


“Thank you for an outstanding seminar last night! The participants appreciated your engaging presentation style as well as the breadth and depth of subject matter covered. It is clear that you have a deep understanding of intercultural relations and a unique ability to bring people to an enlightened level of understanding not only of “the other side” but also of “where we’re coming from.”

– Executive Director, French-American Chamber of Commerce of Washington DC


“I really enjoyed the fluidness of the session. From the opening icebreaker, I realized the importance of having competence in cross-cultural communication. You skillfully balanced the pre-established structure of your presentation with the sudden questions and comments of the students.”

– Foreign Service Officer, United States Department of State, Foreign Service Institute


“This program was much more “heady” than I had expected. Refreshing. Certainly the best and most organized presentation I’ve been to yet at Blue Cross.”

– Associate, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts


“I have received the first evaluation forms back and the feedback for your workshop is excellent. I liked your workshop a lot. It provided them with a good overview of the problems they may face in their negotiations. The exercises were an excellent idea and a great way to bring up the issues.”

– Advisor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education (SHARE)


“Julia has excellent communication skills and a wide range of experience and knowledge. I appreciated the fluid nature of the program and her ability to address issues as they arose.”

– Relocating spouse, Avecia Biotechnology


“The analysis of our workforce demographics and subsequent management training are excellent outputs from the first stage of this project. Beyond the benefits of this information day-to-day, I think this information can help us to manage through our current organizing effort by better understanding the underlying cultural differences.”

– VP Human Resources, Iron Mountain Off-Site Data Protection