About Us

Our Expertise

  • More than 25 years living and working in international settings in Europe, the Americas and Asia
  • Ability to design and deliver customized programs in English, French and Spanish
  • Extensive experience traveling, living, working or studying in more than 45 countries
  • Practical experience working in or consulting for a variety of industries ranging from corporate, to educational, non-profit and government
  • A network of certified consultants in 14 countries on five continents



Julia Gaspar-Bates, M.A., is co-founder and president of Intercultural Alliances. She has more than 25 years experience working in international business and educational environments. Julia has designed and delivered customized programs and seminars for thousands of executives, students and educators, military service members, and governmental and non-governmental personnel from around the world. She has delivered workshops on four continents in multiple languages focusing on more than a dozen foreign cultures. Julia was hired to work with the United States Air Force as part of a large-scale initiative it launched to teach online classes on culture to service members stationed around the world and subsequently helped re-design the course curriculum.

A bi-cultural British-American, Julia was born in London and raised in the United States. With a B.A. in the Romance Languages, Julia is fluent in French, Spanish, and ItaliJulia presentingan and is able to incorporate a deep understanding of the complexities of communicating across linguistic barriers into her work. She spent over seven years living and working in France, has lived for shorter periods in Mexico, Italy, and Switzerland and has traveled to more than 45 countries on five continents in both a personal and professional context. Her seminars are peppered with personal anecdotes sharpened from a lifetime of interacting and working with people from different cultures. Combined with a sound foundation in intercultural theory gleaned through her Master’s studies in Intercultural Relations, Julia is able to connect with her clients and participants in her programs and provide a deep awareness of the “whys” behind behavior.

Julia has been an Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University since 2007 where she teaches a graduate level course entitled “Implementing Cross-Cultural Training Programs” and she has also taught at University of Maryland. She was Executive Director for SIETAR’s (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) Washington DC chapter from 2007-2010, co-chaired the SIETAR-USA annual conference in November 2013, and currently serves as Local Group Director on SIETAR-USA’s Board of Directors. She frequently presents on intercultural topics at conferences and for professional organizations and writes a bi-monthly newspaper column for the Hyattsville Life & Times entitled “Cultural Connections.”

Based on her background, Julia has been immersed in cross-cultural interactions her entire life which fosters the passion she brings to her work helping others. As a yoga instructor she constantly strives to create a balanced environment by integrating mindfulness-based practices into her trainings thereby helping her clients cultivate a deeper awareness of self and their cultural behaviors.



Jan Wendt brings a strong international business and strategic business development expertise to Intercultural Alliances as Director, Strategic Business Development.  She has spent her career navigating the complexities of international business communications through her proven project and business development successes garnered over 23 years with Intelsat, an international telecommunications satellite company serving the global community.

As Director of the Asia-Pacific Region from the Intelsat world headquarters, Jan was responsible for identifying and delivering the full spectrum of telecommunication services requiring extensive cross-cultural and inter-governmental communications and negotiation skills in over 30 countries on three continents.  She possesses in-depth knowledge of international business-driven issues, branding, organizational management, and team building by virtue of having developed and led numerous multi-million dollar projects across a spectrum of global, linguistic, technical and cultural challenges.  Jan is well recognized in the international telecommunications industry and has received multiple awards for outstanding performance, creativity, efficiency, team-building, and program management, as well as exceptional leadership and achievements throughout her career. She brings a fresh perspective with her dynamic approach and in-depth knowledge in developing and implementing successful intercultural alliances at personal and professional levels, as well as creating collaborative and productive gender synergies in the workplace.  Jan also has wide-ranging experience in planning and conducting practical workshops, sales and marketing presentations, panel discussions, and media interviews in the international arena.

Born and raised in Thailand, Jan immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager. Her identity has been shaped through her bi-cultural lens, which has fostered a lifelong appreciation for other cultures.  Her intention in fusing the “best of both worlds” where East meets West has fostered a deep understanding of global cultures which has been an invaluable asset to her success in the international business environment.   Jan is fluent in Thai and English and has conversational knowledge of French.

Jan holds a B.A. in International Studies from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and has taken graduate-level Engineering coursework at The George Washington University. In her spare time, she volunteers to help newly arrived immigrants acclimate to the U.S. culture through a program sponsored by Arlington County.  She has also worked as a freelance translator for The World Bank and freelance editor for the National Insulation Contractors Association.


Our Consultants

ICA has a network of certified cross-cultural consultants in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia with expertise in cross-cultural and diversity training and international coaching. Our consultants all have:

  • a background in international business or education
  • experience living and/or working abroad
  • certification in training and coaching
  • foreign language capability
  • specific cultural expertise
  • advanced degrees in related field