Intercultural Alliances (ICA) helps your global organization reach its highest potential by connecting cultures to foster growth and productivity.

Our Approach

Intercultural Alliances (ICA) applies a dynamic, conscious, collaborative and laser focus approach in its training programs and consulting philosophy, with emphasis on engaging client’s global workforce, unifying different perspectives, and cultivating a collective vision to address our individual client’s needs.

Benefits to Clients

Providing cross-cultural training directly impacts your organization’s  productivity, communications, and bottom line goals.  ICA’s programs help optimize clients’ successful global business and cohesive integration processes in a culturally-diverse environment.  Closing communications gaps brings limitless personal and business benefits and is key to our and your success.

Our Services

ICA offers a wide range of customized cross-cultural training workshops and consulting services to a broad range of U.S. and international companies, organizations, governmental and academic institutions, in both the public and private sectors. Components of each ICA program may also be combined and tailored to meet your specific needs and boost your organization’s success.

ICA Affiliates


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